Gourmet Escargot is a family run business Valeria and Andrew Hogg – Our business and passion is .. SNAILS !!

We are more then 10 years successful on the market.

Valeria is head of export and logistics of hibernated adult snails from Bulgaria to Europe.



In 2014 we moved a big part of our logistics to France, in the beautiful Aude region.



We currently export to France, UK, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland. Our customers are from small farms to big food producers.


We provide our customers with total transparency in a very decentralized and complex market. This is why we've based our export & Markteting operations in Sofia.


Andrew is the head of our gourmet industrial unit. He started first producing snail specialities in the region of Devon, England.


His passion for food made him experiment with different varieties of the traditional garlic snails and we believe that the final product is one of the most delicious of all varieties tasted !


We are glad to offer free sample to any serious potential business partner.







We have added a  New .. ONLINE COOKING WORKSHOP section on our website, which should make it easier for end customers to prepare their own snails

We offer 3 courses each 20 minutes in english, german, french. Please dont hesitate to ask for more detailed information. Scripts are included for you in the prize.


Many thanks!!


Valeria & Andrew